SCP is a consulting boutique excelling all sorts of business advisory for aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery markets in Europe.

Our clients are international top tier pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics companies and practitioners & clinics
focusing on aesthetic medicine.

Our hands-on support is purposefully targeted and based on
many years of actual working experience.

Hands-on experience in various aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery markets in Europe. Large personal network to key players and key opinion leaders.


  • Country-specific market insights (incl. law and regulations)

  • Proprietary market data and consumer studies, benchmarking data, etc.

  • Team of experts with a total of 60+ years of experience in aesthetic medicine and surgery markets in Europe

  • Highly focused on aesthetic medicine and surgery markets in Europe


Personal Network

  • Personal key contacts to key opinion leaders within industry and treatment providers (doctors/clinics)
  • Personal reputation within the aesthetic-medical community (open doors)
  • Access to a 50+ external experts (Europe focus)


  • Specific practical experience from inside any type of key player in the aesthetic medicine market: 
    • Leading Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies
    • Treatment providers (Doctors, Clinics, Walk-in-Clinics, Single Practices)

Proven expertise in strategy & business development and successful implementation for aesthetic medicine industry and treatment providers.

For Industry

(Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Companies)

  • Merger and Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures and Alliances
  • Market Access 
  • Product Launch
  • Networking Capabilities
  • Access to Key Players and Key Opinion Leaders
  • Distribution Strategies
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Industry & Market Insight Reporting
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

For Treatment Provider

(Doctors, Clinics, Walk-in-Clinics, Single Practices)

  • Practice & Clinic Management
  • Design & Establishment of innovative and
    far-sighted Clinic Concepts 
  • Business Planning (Benchmarking, KPIs, Scorecards, etc.)
  • Strategic Sourcing / Procurement
  • Quality & Efficiency through Standard Operating Procedures
  • CRM Solutions
  • Networking Capabilities
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys